Autism And Expression Through Avatars

As a teacher and administrator of a school for students on the Autism Spectrum, I am always trying to find ways to teach about social stories. If I could only walk around with a camera in my hand to film the unexpected behaviors we come across with our students and then show them, it would make it so much easier. But since that is not likely to happen, I was lucky to come across an amazing website that allowed me to recreate these scenarios with my students.

GoAnimate for Schools is such a GREAT website that even the students love. We can reenact events that occur between students and watch them as a group. We then take the time to process the situation and come up with some ideas and thoughts on how to handle that situation if it came up again. Not only can we do school scenarios but we can practice home scenarios too.

The GoAnimate For Schools website is a creative way to teach our students. They enjoy making their own videos and sharing them with each other. They love how they can choose an avatar and an accent to go with, but their favorite is including the emotions that their avatar can act out.

If you haven’t tried this website, you must, especially if you are a teacher. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain, not just for yourself, but your students too!

– RJ Larrieu, Administrator and Teacher for Autism at Newton Learning Center Northern Nevada, NV


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