GoAnimate For Schools Is Thrilled To Work With The Clipperton Project!

GoAnimate for Schools is thrilled to announce it is working with The Clipperton Project.

The Clipperton Project is a collaborative, public conversation about environmental and international issues set in Clipperton, an uninhabited French island off the Mexican coast.  It brings together artists and scientists from around the world and is a means through which they can merge arts and science to effectively convey and raise public awareness of global environmental and social issues.

Thus, it is both a place and an idea.

Because the nature of the project is an international dialog, students are invited to participate in the conversation.

Below are the contest and guidelines for submissions. Stay tuned for quarterly updates on the project and contest!


The Clipperton Project

We are looking for exciting and dynamic presentations that are not only informative about TCP’s key environmental themes, but that also demonstrate creativity, individuality and vision for our future.

We want you to create innovative animations, which explore one or more of TCP’s core themes:

  • Where does plastic pollution come from and what are the effects it is having on our global oceans?
  • What are the impacts of climate change on the oceans’ coral reefs?
  • What are the impacts of over-fishing to the oceans’ marine populations and ecosystems?
  • As global citizens, what is our role in preventing environmental damage?

Competition animations will be judged on their innovativeness and their ability to effectively convey the challenges facing our environment and how they engage other young people with the need for a united action to protect against the dangers of environmental degradation.

Use GoAnimate’s state of the art animation tools to create your presentation. Work from their collection of exciting templates, design your characters, add text or record your own dialogue as GoAnimate allows you to sit in the director’s chair and unleash your creative potential. GoAnimate supports you in generating your own unique animations and provides an online platform to for to share your ideas and work together with other young people to work together to fight environmental degradation.

We believe young people like you can be tomorrow’s environmental decision-makers. Share with TCP’s global learning community what you think about the state of the environment and you think can be done to safeguard its future and to improve our quality of life for generations to come.

The competition officially starts on September 1st with a deadline for contributions on October 31st 2012.