GoAnimate Grabs Their Attention: Bringing a Math Problem to Life!

What would you rather do to grab your students’ attention? Write a word problem on the board or create a short video of the same word problem, using GoAnimate?  I choose GoAnimate! More and more, I have geared my Math lessons toward problem solving, and away from numbers on a page or a worksheet. I want my students to problem solve. When I watch them work to solve a “real world” problem, it makes me proud.

So, how did I get to match GoAnimate with problem solving? I was trying to think of a way to start a unit with a Math problem that introduced the unit, and grabbed their attention. I thought of GoAnimate, which I was familiar with, but hadn’t used in a while, and I created this:

GoAnimate  is very simple to use. They have tons of characters and templates that you can use. You can use your own voice or type in the words. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. You can use the FREE version, GoPlus, or GoAnimate for Schools.

I love the fact that GoAnimate works with social media. You can embed, tweet, Facebook,  upload to YouTube, or download. Of course, some of these privileges only come with GoPlus. With GoAnimate for Schools, you can create accounts for your students, and moderate the accounts.  I’m going to plead with my principal to pay for that for my classroom. I will definitely have my students create their own videos, which will be very interesting, not to mention educational, and lots of fun! Give GoAnimate a try, and see if you can’t grab their attention!

-Lisa Mims,  5th Grade, Deleware

Editor’s note: Stay tuned for more of Lisa’s great material and her experience using GoAnimate for Schools with her students! Check out more of her great posts by visiting her blog, at Diary of a Public School Teacher.


To learn more about GoAnimate for Schools visit http://goanimate4schools.com.

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