Educational Technology Guys Love GoAnimate For Schools

Educational Technology photo by Shutterstock
Educational Technology photo by Shutterstock

One of our favorite bloggers, Educational Technology Guy, wrote about us on Monday. David Andrade is a physics teacher, educational technology specialist, paramedic and EMS-instructor – and a blogger on the side. This jack of all trades features free resources for teachers, educational ideas and tips, educational topics, Personal Learning Networks, Project Based Learning, Discovery Education and more on his blog.

Below is the text from his write-up, or you can see the original post here.





GoAnimate and GoAnimate for Schools

Teaching with Video by GoAnimate

GoAnimate is a site that lets you easily create animated videos. There is a free version and a discounted education version. The free version allows you to easily make the videos, record your own voice or use the built in ones, and share the video. The Schools account is a private environment, with school safe content and moderation available and includes all of the premium features at a discounted rate.

GoAnimate can be used for teacher presentations, student projects, tutorials, ELL/ESL training, and much more. Students can have fun creating a presentation. They will learn the content, as well as how to organize a presentation and follow certain guidelines. There are great help tools available and the character creator makes it easy to create the characters in your video.

Here’s an example of one on Diffusion and Osmosis: Diffusion & Osmosis by null

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

You can also browse for already created videos to use with your classes.