Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Using GoAnimate for Schools

A student enjoys GoAnimate for Schools in Mrs. MacConnell's class.
A student enjoys GoAnimate for Schools in Mrs. MacConnell’s class.

As a technology coach, I am always trying to find tools that will help teachers feel comfortable using technology in their classrooms. I have found that once they are comfortable with a tool, they are less afraid of using technology on their own with their students and in their lessons. When I came upon Go Animate for Schools, I knew this would be the perfect tool to help teachers see how easy and intuitive using technology can be! Here are my top 5 reasons why I love GoAnimate!

  1. Let’s face it – Kids today love to be engaged. By using GoAnimate to introduce a topic, lesson, concept, or give instructions, you will automatically captivate your audience. Recently, I introduced a science lesson on Matter to a group of 6th graders using GoAnimate. It was a quick video on what they would be doing in the computer lab for that period. The level of engagement and excitement was infectious for students, and also inspiring for the classroom teacher. The best part was the simple video took less than 5 minutes to put together from start to publish! Click here to see the video.
  2. GoAnimate for Schools is SAFE! One of the biggest hurdles that I run into when introducing a technology tool to teachers is that they want it to be safe and they do not want to worry about any “outsiders” getting to their students. GoAnimate for Schools lives in a safe, closed environment where teachers moderate what can and what cannot be seen by others inside and outside of school.
  3. GoAnimate is such an easy tool to differentiate with. GoAnimate story lines and animation can become as complex or simple as you or the student wish allowing for unlimited creativity and critical thinking. With the option of a quick video, a full length video, speech bubbles, and text–to-speech, teachers have a multitude of ways to select the perfect project for each student, or allow students to select on their own. I love having this flexibility to show teachers who are differentiating for all the needs in their classroom. GoAnimate makes differentiation so simple!
  4. GoAnimate is easy to share. GoAnimate has made it easy for the teacher to share their videos when they are finished. The teacher (and only the teacher) has the option to send the video to their YouTube account, embed or download their videos. I was able to embed 50 student videos on a teacher website in less than 20 minutes!
  5. GoAnimate offers endless uses! I have started a list of ideas of how I have used Go Animate and how I have seen it used by others in this Google Doc. Want to add to the list? Please do by clicking here.

-Caren MacConnell, Technology Coach/GT Teacher, Indian Hill and Village School, Holmdel, New Jersey


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