Math, Language, And GoAnimate Add Up To Awesome

One of the biggest challenges I face with high school students and their understanding of math is that reading is difficult for them. When provided with vocabulary and notes, many students can’t seem to connect that information to solve word problems.

Finally I had an AHA! Moment in my career… I realize that many of my students had a limited vocabulary. Further, many students do not connect vocabulary with math.

It is struggle for me sometimes as a teacher to motivate my students to learn vocabulary because it is associated with reading. For them reading is a challenge and thus the disconnect comes into play when they have to learn vocabulary words. I often tell them that math is more than just numbers. Mathematics is a language with numbers, letters, and words.

Engaging students to learn vocabulary was quite a task. I was trying to find ways to motivate my students to learn vocabulary words in an untraditional way. As I was searching online, I came across GoAnimate! What a creative way to have students create an animated movie to explain a word and view it to learn a word. I created a GoAnimate video to explain their task to them… they fell in love! It was amazing to see them so engage in learning vocabulary words in order to create an animated movie to share with their classmates.

Since then, I have integrated Go Animate into my curriculum for students to…

1. learn vocabulary
2. explain how to solve a problem
3. animate word problems
4. teach a lesson and
5. to video log.

GoAnimate is an innovative digital tool that motivates and inspires students to learn. It engages students, making them learn in a new way, and it promotes creative thinking.

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