Dividing Class Time With GoAnimate Makes Fractions Cool

Lisa’s students are animated about learning!

Recently, I was introduced to GoAnimate for Schools. I thought the concept and graphics were great, but had no clue that my class would LOVE it as much as they do! Honestly, I have to force some of my students off the program, of which they are none too happy to do.

As a rule, 5th graders can be fickle about what is ‘cool’. Often times what I think is great, they think is lame. So when we agreed that creating our own animated videos was ‘cool’, I was elated. One of my biggest success stories is with a boy who isn’t too into school. Most days, he would rather be fiddling with items in his desk than complete the assigned work. However, since the introduction of GoAnimate, I can’t keep up with him. He has created over 20 videos to date with topics including multiplying fractions, adding fractions, and other curriculum-based videos — we have only been using it for about a month. He is now an engaged learner creating videos on learned concepts. It’s so exciting!

Currently, we are working our own website on fractions. The students were given the tasks to:
● explain fractions
● how to change a mixed number into an improper fraction
● how to add, subtract
● multiply and divide fractions.
I have seen well over 20 videos explaining these concepts.

Even more amazing, my students work tirelessly to make sure the videos are just right. I have seen students preview the video, and go back to edit the dialog so that it sounds right, or is explained more clearly. They are not satisfied with mediocre work. I have rarely seen this type of enthusiasm and attention to detail in 5th graders. In addition, they will call friends over to preview the video and give suggestions. I have seen an increase in the quality of work they produce.

It was such a hit in our classroom; they have taken their show on the road, so to speak. They have gone into other teachers’ rooms and showed off their work. Some teachers liked Go Animate so much, I was asked to give some professional development at our staff meeting, which I gladly did. These teacheare now creating videos on concepts like synonyms and antonyms to help engage their class.

These 21st century learners have started creating videos without using the templates. They are teaching each other, and me, new things everyday. They are no longer passive learners, but active participants, creators, collaborators, and tutors. Our classroom is an exciting place to be.

— Lisa Nowakowski, 5th Grade, King City Arts Magnet, CA

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Twitter: @MsNsClass
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To learn more about GoAnimate for Schools visit http://goanimate4schools.com.

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