Press And Mentions: Tech Tool Of The Week By Kerri Willa

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Introducing a new series in Educator Experiences: Press And Mentions.

Here we’ll show off some of our favorite mentions from around the web that feature GoAnimate for Schools and educational uses of our popular consumer site,, out in the wild!

Today we want to show off a great blog post by Kerri Willa. We love the fact that her school is using GoAnimate to teach students how to speak Mandarin. See a snippet here:

“Here at Chinese American International School, several of our Mandarin teachers are using GoAnimate with their students to create digital stories in Chinese. In our 5th grade Chinese classes, students recently completed a unit that focused on vocabulary related to the idea of “lost and found”: losing an item and then trying to find it. Students created a dialogue in which one character loses an item and has to question other characters to try to find the missing item. After composing their scripts, students created a GoAnimate video to bring their skit to life. While GoAnimate does not support Pinyin input, students were able to copy the Chinese text from the typed version of their script and paste it into speech bubbles in their GoAnimate videos. The final step was to record their own voices reading the script. Using GoAnimate adds new dimensions to a project that was once strictly paper-and-pencil based. It allows children to creatively express their ideas, practice speaking Chinese, and create a final product that can be easily shared with a wider audience.”

-Kerri Willa, Technology For Teachers, January 26, 2013

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