Press And Mentions: Animating The Classroom!

Image credit: My World And Language
Image credit: My World And Language

Welcome to Press And Mentions, a new series on Educator Experiences. Here, we show off some of our favorite mentions from around the web that feature GoAnimate for Schools and educational uses of our popular consumer site,, out in the wild!

Today we want to share a great blog post by Sarai Gutierrez-Rodriguez. We love the fact her students got to use our GoAnimate for Schools app in Schoology to tell their stories. See a snippet here:

“After posting their videos in our Schoology page, students had to complete the last assignment for this project. They were required to watch at least 3 of their peer’s videos, and comment in each of them. The comments had to be questions regarding the storyline. They had to post the questions in French (metacognition, brain-research). The students that received questions about their videos also had to respond in French. This last stage was the aftermath of the entire project. It was interesting to see students virtually interacting in the target language. This was a great way to share our projects, and to find some educational purpose to the project share. Not just watch and relax, but watch, relax, and ask questions about what you saw = In-depth reflection = High order thinking.

The final result will showcase your students’ writing and pronunciation skills. As you know, our students’ creativity and imagination are limitless. I assure you that the videos will amuse you, entertain you, and show you one more time the countless possibilities that technology provides us with. I think that this was a great way to assess speaking skills, so I highly recommend this App for the World Language courses. But, obviously, it could be integrated into any course.”

-Sarai Gutierrez-Rodriguez, My World And Language, February 13, 2013

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