Friday Fun: Rock That Assessment – (“Thrift Shop” Parody)

RockThatAssignmentIf you’re an avid GoAnimate fan, you might have noticed an occasional series on our other blog, Video Maker Tips, called Friday Fun. Today we’re invoking the series on Educator Experiences to help kick off the weekend right.

Our friend Ron Hyde shared a video from his class with us on Edmodo and we had to share it this today with you – it’s that good! You get bonus points if you know who Macklemore is (hint: they are awesome!).

Be sure to watch the video, read the class description and re-written lyrics below.

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Enjoy, and happy weekend!

McCombs Middle School in Des Moines, IA. Staff and students create a video to prepare for the Iowa Assessments. This is not an original song, the music is from the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore. The lyrics have been changed to highlight testing goals:

I’m gonna take some tests
Only got 30 minutes to do it
I, I, I’m fillin’
Fillin’ in some bubbles
My score’s gonna be awesome

Now, Walk up in the class like what up I got a number deuce
I’m so pumped about some stuff at my school
I say it’s a sinch, it’s oh so easy
That people like, “Man, he’s as smart as can be.”

Rollin’ in, look at me, headin’ to find my seat
Test on my desk, sticker, so fresh and so clean
Boys on my left, and girls to the right of me
Pop rocks on their desks, those are killer treats
Pshyah, they were 99 cents!

Studied it, working it, bout to go and meet requirements
Passing all of my classes that all the others are rocking in
Yeah, me I won’t be flunkin’
I am stuntin’ and starrin’ and
all the answers will come to mind, like a no brainer, sinch

My principal has style, my principal has style
No for real, my principal, they acting wild
My calculator and some scratch paper
Got a little while ’till I fill the first circle in

Think the answer’s c, I’ll fill in the c
Next answer’s d, then I’ll fill in b
Hello, Hello, I’ll ace it, mellow
Einstein ain’t got nothin on my IQ, well no

I could take some high waters, make ’em cool, sell those
Geeker heads will be like, “Aw, he got the cool clothes.”


What you know about rockin’ tests with your noggin?
What you know, sho nuff about learnin’ some?
I’m digging, I’m digging
I’m searching right through that knowledge
One man’s trial that’s another man’s triumph
Thank your teacher
For donating buckle-down work time
‘Cause right now I’m up feelin’ hurt, I’m
I’m in the classroom you can find me in the (front row)
I’m that, I’m that student
Searchin’ in that section (you know)

Your grammy, your aunty, your momma, your mammy
I’ll take those textbooks from my teachers, second hand,
I rock that assessment
Highlighted vocab with some words on that assessment
I hit the books and I studied for that assessment
They be like, “Oh, that score – that’s kinda tight”
I’m like, “Yo, 100 percent right thur”
Limited edition let’s do some simple addition hundred
percent for some hard work that’s just reward for
I call that makin’ progress towards my future
I call that gettin’ down to business, not a loser
That score’ll make you dough
If you don’t study hard you think your future’ll be bright
Well, well I bet it won’t
Cheat game, come take a look not the way to go
If you don’t keep your eyes on your own
Then a pass you won’t
Then a pass you won’t


I ate my tummies full
I look incredible
I’m gonna’ pass this test
Studies hard to meet our goal

This test is federal
Questions are creditable
I got this number 2
From my teacher down that row