Press And Mentions: Go ahead! Go Animate!

marnebadWelcome to Press And Mentions, a new series on Educator Experiences. Here, we show off some of our favorite mentions from around the web that feature GoAnimate for Schools and educational uses of our popular consumer site,, out in the wild!

Today we want to share a great blog post by Marne B Adventures ESL on WordPress.  See a snippet here:


“I discovered this tool through a great blog recommended by Mark Miller called: is a digital storytelling tool, a spin-off from the Goanimate site. It is a cloud-based digital storytelling tool so there is no software download required. You choose a basic scene and then add frames to the reel to create a story. You can change the scene, add charaters that move. You can get even more creative with movments, gestures and emotions. Voices can either be added through a mic recording or a digital voice that will read your text. The school-version of Goanimate solves the problem that this education website points out – that regular Goanimate characters can drink beer, fight and kiss. I could not find beer drinking in the Goanimate4schools site.”

-Unknown,  Marne B Adventures ESL, April 24, 2013

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