9th Graders Argue That GoAnimate Rocks In Little Rock, AR!

Students gather at LISA Academy
Students gather at LISA Academy

LISA Academy is a 6-12th grade public charter school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Part of our mission statement is to help our students “excel in a changing world by providing dynamic, resource-rich learning environments.” GoAnimate is a dynamic tool that encourages our students to become proficient with evidence based presentations.

Our 9th grade English students used GoAnimate to create visual versions of a written argument. They wrote an essay taking a position on who was responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet; they used GoAnimate for a visual version for presentation. CCSS asks students to write arguments and to present their findings. GoAnimate allows students an engaging way to present their findings to the class using technology. Pairing the use of technology and writing in an assignment allows students to be better prepared for both college and career.

Our 10th grade students are working on a PBL group presentation for a unit anchored by Night by Elie Wiesel. They will create a presentation using GoAnimate that answers the question- Is it possible for one individual to impact the world for the better? An essay is not likely to be shared or read on social media. A GoAnimate presentation can easily be shared worldwide. Helping students sculpt their writing and presentations for a varied audience helps keep them engaged and interested in the task. Students thrive on feedback. Authentic feedback on their presentations from a diverse audience helps students improve and strive for excellence.

As schools begin migrating toward a digital platform and away from printed textbooks, tools like GoAnimate will engage students while preparing them for college and career. While tools like GoAnimate often have a learning curve, students thrive on the challenge and enjoy teaching each other how to be creative.

Suzanne Rogers, M.Ed, high school educator at LISA Academy, Little Rock, AR

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