The Road To Respect Paved By GoAnimate For Schools

Respect image by Shutterstock
Respect image by Shutterstock

I wanted to do something for my school that would make a difference.

We recently became a PBIS school (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports). We knew there were areas for improvements with regards to the students’ behavior, such as respect, and what respect looks like. I wanted my students to help out by creating Public Service Announcements to play on the school’s closed TV network and advertise these positive behaviors.

I went to school for animation, and I have always been passionate on using it as a digital storytelling tool with my students. In the previous semester, I created a short with the site to advertise the Prom to hook my students. They then created GoAnimate videos which explained an Art Period, which we showcased in an animation festival in our classroom. It was great to see how students could take something so time consuming as animation but approach it with ease. Our previous animation projects with Animation Creator and other animation webcam tools were very time consuming. But with GoAnimate, students just typed in text, gave a direction and inserted props quickly and easily. And they loved it.

The goal for the students was to pick a desired behavior that we wanted to showcase such as sharing, bullying, or respect. They would then create a short video that showcased these behaviors to their peers.

The video creation process is simple. Just select a template and choose a setting, actors, and up to 30 lines of dialogue. The kids had a lot of fun playing with the voices, emotions and text in this. I embedded their films into my blog and the students also showed their videos off on their Edmodo walls for their peers to view and get feedback.

The site’s innovative digital storytelling techniques making animation a breeze and tons of fun – and I look forward to using it more in the years to come.

-James Gorcesky, 7th & 8th grade Art and Technology Teacher at Black Water Middle School, Conway, SC

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