Waving Good-bye as Kerpoof Rides Off Into the Sunset

Poof image via Shutterstock.com
Poof image via Shutterstock.com

It’s a sad day in the world of online animation as we bid a farewell to a fellow innovator in education-based “make your own movies” and “tell your story” technology.

As of April 15, 2014, Kerpoof will close their doors as their parent Disney shifts its focus toward mobile-friendly play offerings.

A solid online creativity tool for children and educators

Kerpoof provided a fun, flexible tool that allowed its users to spell a picture, make a movie, make a drawing, and tell a story. Acquired by Disney in 2009, Kerpoof quickly became a child-friendly, popular creativity site for classroom use in the K-8 setting.

Websites like Kerpoof (and GoAnimate for Schools, for that matter) allow teachers and students to safely make videos for learning in the classroom.

Kerpoof even allowed users to create videos with everyone’s favorite Disney characters. We all love that mouse!

Sad for us, but sad for you too

We’re sorry to see the end of such innovative thinkers in our field.

But we also understand that this leaves current Kerpoof subscribers – those educators who have enjoyed Kerpoof’s services over the years – in a bit of bind.

This is something GoAnimate for Schools can help with. If you’re searching for a new tool that will allow you to safely and easily create animated videos with your students, please don’t hesitate to check us out.

In fact, to help bridge the gap, we’re offering a 20% discount on GoAnimate for Schools to current and former Kerpoof subscribers through September 30, 2014.

An excellent alternative to, well, not making videos anymore

We know change is always difficult, but we also believe that GoAnimate’s simple drag & drop interface, huge libraries of characters, actions, backgrounds and props, and reasonable pricing will rejuvenate your video making inspiration.

GoAnimate for Schools allows teachers and students to create their own videos for any number of educational uses, including (but most assuredly not limited to) animated lessons, storytelling, language learning, and creative exercises. We’re also a huge enabler of flipped classrooms!

Looking forward to meeting you

So take a moment to wish Kerpoof the best of luck as they move on and then stop by, try out GoAnimate for Schools, and see if we can help fill the new gap in your classroom movie making needs.

To take advantage of our discount for Kerpoof discount, just follow three easy steps:

1. Locate your Kerpoof email confirmation.

2. Forward that confirmation from your account address to EdEx@GoAnimate4Schools.com.

3. Once we verify your Kerpoof account ownership, we will send you the appropriate discount code.

Once you’ve done that, it’s time, as a fitting tribute to a departing titan, to get started on making your own animated videos.

Like this one: