A Teacher Describes Her Experience with GoAnimate For Schools

g4s_postLynn Weeks teaches Digital Literacy at Bourne Middle School in Bourne, MA. Last year, BMS introduced its new digital literacy program “to teach students how to use, evaluate, and create with digital resources in a responsible, ethical manner.”

Lynn is using GoAnimate for Schools as the culminating project each term. She wrote in to tell us that “Students are required to choose a digital citizenship related topic — and research it using at least 3 sources. In addition to their videos, students are required to submit their notes and a bibliography.”

Weeks provides topic suggestions, but students are encouraged to select their own themes and teach other students what they learned through their research.

Here are some of their creations.


This 6th grade animator uses the Stick Figure It Out theme to educate other students about cyberbullying. In the animation, a super hero fairy godmother figure teams up with a student to save other kids from cyberbullies around the world.

“Never ever be a bystander,” a supporting character, Officer Dean, says. “Stand up to the cyberbully and help the person get through it.”

In another cyberbullying video, a 7th grade student imagines a business meeting roundtable about the problem. Through this animation, the student teaches others that cyberbullying can happen to anyone, anywhere online. If you experience cyberbullying and “you are under 17, you should tell an adult,” the main character points out, “what you never want to do, is respond back.” The student even provides helpful tips and specific examples for handling cyberbullying.

Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship

This 7th grade student shares internet safety tips because, “the internet is a useful and fun resource, but it is important to stay safe.”

Weeks adds that “students who finish their videos early are invited to create additional videos to introduce the class to next term’s students.” A 5th grade student produced this news segment to introduce the next term of students to the concept of digital literacy and good digital citizenship.

Bourne Middle School subscribed to GoAnimate for Schools “because it offered a safe environment for [their] students to create animated videos across the curriculum,” Weeks tells us.

GoAnimate for Schools automatically blocks student downloading and sharing for safety, but as the “Super Teacher” on the account, Weeks is “able to upload videos to YouTube for students so they could be added to their digital portfolios and shared on our classroom Twitter account (@bmsdiglit).”

At the end of last term, Weeks asked her students for their thoughts on GoAnimate for Schools.

Here’s what they had to say

“I really enjoyed GoAnimate because it’s fun to see your ideas come to life online.” – Amanda, Grade 7

“I enjoy using GoAnimate because it was fun choosing different voices and emotions for my characters, and I just love making videos.” – Emily, Grade 6

“I have learned things about my topic (social media) and about this site (GoAnimate). I learned about social media and the risks from it through my research & then I created a video to explain this topic.”- Kerstin, Grade 7

“GoAnimate helped me express my ideas by letting us use characters to show what you want to show about the topic. Also you can pick the voice to show the mood you want the viewer to see and also you can create it the way you want it too.” – Emma, Grade 7

“GoAnimate can be used for school projects, online videos, and pretty much anything.” – Logan, Grade 7

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