Unleash Student Creativity With Animation

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I started using GoAnimate for Schools with my students five years ago for an ice-breaker in my class. This group of students had never been in class together and they all made a video about something they had seen, done, or were important to them. We then made a contest of the videos with our new principal as judge. This year, a contest came to my attention concerning the increased use of drugs in our county. The requirements were to create a video using a media of their choice to demonstrate the negative effects of drugs and/or alcohol. I presented the idea to the students and they ran with it. Once I obtained permission to use animation, the students were hooked. One of the other students’ used his original song (created last year for his goal) in place of words. And the rest is history. The lack of words was, I feel, a great way to demonstrate the silent killer drugs or alcohol can be.

GoAnimate for Schools is an excellent website for my students to use since I have all grade levels in my class, from 3rd to seniors. I was given permission by my administration to subscribe this year in order to incorporate it into a goal for one of my students. His assignment was to create instructional videos as enrichment for his US History 12 Honors class. He made one video per each nine weeks that would correspond with a topic being taught in his class. My youngest student has no problem maneuvering through the site, finding all the necessary details needed for his videos. Some of his videos were used to show his interests in sports and in science. Another student is utilizing the foreign language aspect of the site to create her Spanish Cultural Project.

Students seem to respond with more interest when using their own creations when presenting projects to their classmates. And this website is fun enough that the viewing students are as interested as those who have created the presentations.

My district and I are extremely pleased that my students have this opportunity to showcase their creativity and talent with others and that their creativity will assist others in seeing what GoAnimate for Schools has to offer and how easy it is to incorporate into the classroom.

Jacqueline Slogan – District Gifted Coordinator
West Greene High School, Waynesburg, PA
Gifted Support Program

Students ages/years:
– Justin 18 years old senior
– Noah 16 years old junior
– Joey 14 years old freshman