Site Update: Introducing Whiteboard Animation & Video Infographics in GoAnimate For Schools



You asked; we delivered! Whiteboard Animation and Video Infographics are now available in GoAnimate for Schools. Both themes were created to add new visual styles to our library of themes.

These themes add a slew of new templates, both adult and kid characters, and tons of additional assets!

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation is a style where text and pictures are hand-drawn onto a white screen. They have traditionally been drawn by artists on whiteboards and filmed, like this video created to explain how EdCamps work.

Now you can produce your own whiteboard animation-style video using your mouse and your favorite internet browser on GoAnimate for Schools, without having to draw anything yourself.

The Whiteboard Animation theme includes thousands of hand-drawn assets: templates, props, characters, and backgrounds. Plus, you’ll find hundreds of character actions that fit a wide variety of settings.

Check out the video tutorial below for an introduction to this theme and our ENTER/EXIT tool.

Video Infographics

Infographics are visual images, such as charts or diagrams, that are used to inform an audience about a particular topic through the use of data. In other words, teaching something new and of value using imagery. Video infographics are the same thing…but in video form!

They tell a more compelling story than just a bunch of numbers, percentages, and words alone. By their very nature, video infographics make it easy for the viewer to “get” the the data.

Video infographic templates in GoAnimate for Schools are built to ramp up the speed of engagement, and to sustain that engagement throughout the course of a video. The pace is fast enough to feel dynamic, and slow enough for the information to be processed.  Now, we’re not talking about putting some pie charts and tables into a PowerPoint deck and adding some animation to make them zip in and fade out. We mean fully animated GoAnimate for Schools videos featuring infographics components that are quick and easy for students and teachers to create!

A Few Pointers

Ok, so enough about the virtues of whiteboard animation and animated video infographics. Here are some quick tips for building a successful animated video.

  1. Just like the written word – speed of engagement will determine whether your students will continue watching, or move on to something else.
  2. If you don’t capture their attention with a stand-out trend within the first ten seconds or so, then you will lose them.
  3. Tempo is also key. You want to carry your audience along the journey; not meander through a series of clichés and anecdotes. Voiceovers are also a powerful way of personalize your videos, and adding a sense of humor can help…if appropriate!


We hope you enjoy the newest additions to GoAnimate for Schools.

Happy Animating!