A Teacher Shares Her Experience with GoAnimate for Schools

Karen blog

I have been teaching for 35 years and GoAnimate for Schools is by far one of the best programs I have ever used with my students! As a teacher of the gifted, I work with all grade levels and so my students comprise a wide range of ages and skill sets. The beauty of GoAnimate for Schools is that there is a variety of templates that younger students can use and they can eventually progress to the more advanced features. My students have created movies that demonstrate their knowledge about vocabulary understanding, critical thinking, concept knowledge, and character education. Once my students become engaged in their projects they do not want to stop…not even for lunch or recess. They often tell me that GoAnimate for Schools is the best website they have ever used! Here are a few of their quotes:

Tate: GoAnimate for Schools is the best project our gifted class has ever done!

Coletrane: GoAnimate for Schools makes me want to be an animator when I grow up!

Alanah: I have learned so much about how cartoons are made just by using GoAnimate for Schools! It is my favorite website ever!

These are just a few quotes from my students. I could go on and on! If you want to engage your students in meaningful instruction that truly allows you to assess their knowledge…get a GoAnimate for Schools subscription!!

Check out some of Karen’s students videos below:

Karen Lindsey is the Technology Facilitator and Teacher of the Gifted at Lake Orienta Elementary School in Altamonte Springs, FL.