How Animated Video can Help Students’ Creative Writing

All writers have confronted writer’s block at some point. The symptoms are anxiety-producing just to think about: the blank page, an empty outline, assignments that seem too boring for words. But there are ways to knock down those obstacles to creativity, and one of them is animated video.


Teachers: Get Connected the Right Way!

Some teachers are Luddites in the classroom; some are technophiles — but the best are right in the middle. Harness technology in ways best for your students, not based on your personal preference. Check out this video we made for Connected Educator Month!


Words That Aren’t Words

When is a word not a word? When it was never a word to begin with!

Check out this new animated video from our team, laying exactly several words you should really stop using it.


How to Make Sure Your Flipped Classroom is Safe and Secure


If you’re an educator or student who feels that the concept of the “lecture,” i.e. sitting and taking notes for an hour or two has little to no value, then flipping your classroom may be a solution that you will find appealing. The ‘flipped classroom’ typically inverts the traditional class model by shifting video lectures and other materials to be reviewed outside of class, and allowing for more active forms of discussion and student engagement while in the classroom.

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Animated Short for Back to School

Over the summer young Ezra experiences something of a growth spurt, but what he learns about himself — and Macy and Kingston and the SuperHero — measures well beyond any yardstick. Nothing is better than Ezra! Other people are nice!

To all the teachers, students, and parents out there — enjoy the first day of school.