A Teacher Shares Her Experience with GoAnimate for Schools

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I have been teaching for 35 years and GoAnimate for Schools is by far one of the best programs I have ever used with my students! As a teacher of the gifted, I work with all grade levels and so my students comprise a wide range of ages and skill sets. The beauty of GoAnimate for Schools is that there is a variety of templates that younger students can use and they can eventually progress to the more advanced features. My students have created movies that demonstrate their knowledge about vocabulary understanding, critical thinking, concept knowledge, and character education. Once my students become engaged in their projects they do not want to stop…not even for lunch or recess. They often tell me that GoAnimate for Schools is the best website they have ever used! Here are a few of their quotes:

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Using Video To Flip Professional Development


One of the leading topics in educational technology over the past five years has been the idea of using video to flip your classroom.  This involves the teacher creating a series of videos that students watch at home.  These videos explain the content and are viewed in place of traditional homework assignments.  This allows the teachers to work with the students during class time to work through assignments together rather than students struggling alone when they might not understand a concept. Read More

Unleash Student Creativity With Animation

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I started using GoAnimate for Schools with my students five years ago for an ice-breaker in my class. This group of students had never been in class together and they all made a video about something they had seen, done, or were important to them. We then made a contest of the videos with our new principal as judge. This year, a contest came to my attention concerning the increased use of drugs in our county. The requirements were to create a video using a media of their choice to demonstrate the negative effects of drugs and/or alcohol. I presented the idea to the students and they ran with it. Once I obtained permission to use animation, the students were hooked. One of the other students’ used his original song (created last year for his goal) in place of words. And the rest is history. The lack of words was, I feel, a great way to demonstrate the silent killer drugs or alcohol can be.

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Using Video-Making to Redirect Students from “The Game”


This was my second year of teaching technology to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. I love my job. The return engagement gave me a chance to set new goals. Among them were to give my students opportunities to express their creative natures. What I found was that giving them the freedom to create was not enough. My students, while young, have already begun to play The Game.

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