How to Make Sure Your Flipped Classroom is Safe and Secure


If you’re an educator or student who feels that the concept of the “lecture,” i.e. sitting and taking notes for an hour or two has little to no value, then flipping your classroom may be a solution that you will find appealing. The ‘flipped classroom’ typically inverts the traditional class model by shifting video lectures and other materials to be reviewed outside of class, and allowing for more active forms of discussion and student engagement while in the classroom.

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Animated Short for Back to School

Over the summer young Ezra experiences something of a growth spurt, but what he learns about himself — and Macy and Kingston and the SuperHero — measures well beyond any yardstick. Nothing is better than Ezra! Other people are nice!

To all the teachers, students, and parents out there — enjoy the first day of school.

GoAnimate For Schools: First Choice For Practicing Second Languages

Our students begin learning French in grade 5, which can be a challenge to get students interested in. I introduced GoAnimate for Schools at the start of a French unit I created on basic conversation. It was used as a culminating activity that the students worked towards throughout this unit. They were excited to learn the vocabulary and do the accompanying activities because they knew that they would be able to create their own animations in the coming weeks.


Flipped Learning Served With A Side Of Fun

You’re ready to flip your classroom. You’ve seen it done with the usual tools and methods – screencasts, teacher-created videos, Khan Academy, or other curated videos. But what if you could flip your lesson in a fun and humorous way?


Press And Mentions: Review Of GoAnimate For Schools

GoAnimate for Schools can support a variety of classroom needs. Students can use GoAnimate to put their writing into action, re-recreate an ending to a novel, create an historical scene between two stakeholders in a period of history they are learning about, teach others about a concept they are learning in class, or as a presentation tool. English language learners can demonstrate their mastery of English by recording a scene in English with their own voice. This can also be a way for kids with disabilities, who may not be able to type, to still successfully show what they know to an audience.

-Mary Beth Hertz, Graphite, August 13, 2013


The Road To Respect Paved By GoAnimate For Schools

But with GoAnimate, students just typed in text, gave a direction and inserted props quickly and easily. And they loved it.

The goal for the students was to pick a desired behavior that we wanted to showcase such as sharing, bullying, or respect. They would then create a short video that showcased these behaviors to their peers.


AP Chemistry High School Students Have Clean Fun With Soap Project Using GoAnimate

Although Mr. Hisim hadn’t spent a lot of time using GoAnimate, there was no question the kids would be able to figure it out on their own. “I showed them the site, they made accounts, and by the end of the 90 minute block a few teams had already made their commercials. These kids are experts on this kind of stuff. I teach them how to make soap; they teach me how to make movies.” One student shared that she preferred using the GoAnimate site to make her soap sales pitch because standing in front of the whole class made her way to nervous.