Press and Mentions: Top 7 Highlights from #ISTE2014 (We’re #4), an international non‐profit providing fun entrepreneurship programs for elementary and middle school children, demonstrated its turnkey startup solution via its partnership with GoAnimate, the leading cloud‐based animated video production platform, as the video creation tool to power its BizMovie 2.0 program.


Press And Mentions: Review Of GoAnimate For Schools

GoAnimate for Schools can support a variety of classroom needs. Students can use GoAnimate to put their writing into action, re-recreate an ending to a novel, create an historical scene between two stakeholders in a period of history they are learning about, teach others about a concept they are learning in class, or as a presentation tool. English language learners can demonstrate their mastery of English by recording a scene in English with their own voice. This can also be a way for kids with disabilities, who may not be able to type, to still successfully show what they know to an audience.

-Mary Beth Hertz, Graphite, August 13, 2013


Press And Mentions: Pittsburgh Region Educators Rely More On Technology, Less On Lectures

The program, called Go!Animate, lets students work in groups on school-issued laptops. Each group shows its cartoon to the class, so everyone gets the lesson.

“I don’t like them memorizing definitions and regurgitating them back to me,” said Leung, a teacher of six years. “I will spend days lecturing; I don’t discredit that. But once they have the background knowledge, I want to see them demonstrate that knowledge.”

Students say the strategy works.

“I’ll remember more (working on the Go!Animate project) than taking notes,” said Hanna Tappe, 14, a freshman from Shaler.


Press And Mentions: GoAnimate: A Fun and Educational Way to Create!

How Can This Be Used In The Classroom?

There is actually an entire subsection to GoAnimate called GoAnimate4Schools. Students and teachers can use this website and this application for classroom projects and incorporating technology into a lesson in order to spice it up and engage the students in their education. Here are several more uses for GoAnimate for schools:

Teacher/student presentations and lessons
Student-to-student tutorials
Foreign language or ESL training
Creative writing platform
Behavioral training (bullying awareness, etc.)
Communication and Special Cases (Autism, Asperger’s etc.)

-Rachel Moore,, April 30, 2013


Press And Mentions: Go ahead! Go Animate!

“I discovered this tool through a great blog recommended by Mark Miller called: is a digital storytelling tool, a spin-off from the Goanimate site. It is a cloud-based digital storytelling tool so there is no software download required. You choose a basic scene and then add frames to the reel to create a story. You can change the scene, add charaters that move. You can get even more creative with movments, gestures and emotions. Voices can either be added through a mic recording or a digital voice that will read your text. The school-version of Goanimate solves the problem that this education website points out – that regular Goanimate characters can drink beer, fight and kiss. I could not find beer drinking in the Goanimate4schools site.”

-Unknown, Marne B Adventures ESL, April 24, 2013


Press And Mentions: New technology is helping students at Fort Zumwalt East

“Jackie Floyd, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, said based on results of a student survey students’ confidence level with technology rose since the implementation of the pilot program.

“Students have moved beyond word documents…to producing videos and presentations,” said Floyd.

Instead of simple memorization of vocabulary words, students can be creative and develop cartoons on Go! Animate to visualize the meaning of the vocabulary words for the week.”

-Amy Armour,, April 18, 2013


Press And Mentions: Animating The Classroom!

Image credit: My World And Language
Image credit: My World And Language

Welcome to Press And Mentions, a new series on Educator Experiences. Here, we show off some of our favorite mentions from around the web that feature GoAnimate for Schools and educational uses of our popular consumer site,, out in the wild!

Today we want to share a great blog post by Sarai Gutierrez-Rodriguez. We love the fact her students got to use our GoAnimate for Schools app in Schoology to tell their stories. See a snippet here:

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Press And Mentions: Tech Tool Of The Week By Kerri Willa

“Here at Chinese American International School, several of our Mandarin teachers are using GoAnimate with their students to create digital stories in Chinese. In our 5th grade Chinese classes, students recently completed a unit that focused on vocabulary related to the idea of “lost and found”: losing an item and then trying to find it. Students created a dialogue in which one character loses an item and has to question other characters to try to find the missing item. After composing their scripts, students created a GoAnimate video to bring their skit to life. While GoAnimate does not support Pinyin input, students were able to copy the Chinese text from the typed version of their script and paste it into speech bubbles in their GoAnimate videos. The final step was to record their own voices reading the script. Using GoAnimate adds new dimensions to a project that was once strictly paper-and-pencil based. It allows children to creatively express their ideas, practice speaking Chinese, and create a final product that can be easily shared with a wider audience.”