Engaging Online Learners With GoAnimate

Carla Miller is a hybrid/online graduate writing support specialist for the School of Public Health at Drexel University. On a quest to develop engaging teaching methodologies, you can follow @Carla_Miller on Twitter.

Online educators are on a perpetual quest to spice up content delivery methods to engage learners with a multimedia-rich learning experience. GoAnimate.com makes it a breeze to create original, animated videos that will even impress your tech-savvy students.


Math, Language, And GoAnimate Add Up To Awesome

One of the biggest challenges I face with high school students and their understanding of math is that reading is difficult for them. When provided with vocabulary and notes, many students can’t seem to connect that information to solve word problems.

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GoAnimate: A Perfect Online Learning Tool

Online Learning
Online Learning image by Shutterstock

As an experienced online learner, K-20 educator, and instructional designer, I have had the opportunity to observe best practices of what makes a great online course. I shy away from 100% static (text/photos) course development and encourage instructors to utilize embeddable media for their online learners’ enjoyment.

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