GoAnimate Busts A Myth: School Can Be Fun!

The best thing about my job as a K – 12 instructional tech coordinator is that I get to bring passion and creativity into classrooms. Content standards and state tests are important, but too often those things get the focus at the expense of what makes learning exciting. I am extremely grateful for the many times each school year when I’m part of a project where creativity and the content come together into a memorable learning experience


Norway’s “Ny Giv” Program Uses GoAnimate for Schools to Teach Linguistic and Interlangual Skills to High School Students

Early spring 2012 a new project was launched into the Norwegian school system. It was called “Ny Giv” (in English it could be translated into something like “A fresh start”) The project is meant to give pupils in the last year of secondary school a boost to help them continue their education, and prevent drop-outs in the following years. I was assigned to be the teacher in Norwegian for these 15-year olds, and issued a focus on improving their reading and writing skills.


GoAnimate For Schools Is Good To The Molecular Level

I am a biology teacher for the North Hills School District near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have been using GoAnimate For Schools with my students for about one and a half years. I teach a curriculum where we do not have a textbook but rely on technology and teacher-generated material for content. The focus in the course is for students to take their knowledge and create projects related to the content. Creation is a major focus in my curriculum because it is the highest level on the new Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy.

I will use GoAnimate to make introductions to lessons or to reinforce lessons. For example, I made a solutions video clip where I created an avatar of myself talking to a cell. The cell experienced the different types of solutions (hypertonic, hypotonic, isotonic) solutions and reacted accordingly. I have also used it to present information on a molecule that cells use to obtain energy, ATP. I used these GoAnimates as part of a flipped classroom. The GoAnimate cartoon assisted in giving my students the content but added interest to the concept.


Scientific Fact: GoAnimate For Schools Equals A Creative Classroom

We began using GoAnimate for Schools last school year. It is a wonderful application for students to allow their creativity to come through as they are exhibiting content knowledge. My learning support students benefit the most from the use of GoAnimate for Schools. These are students who lack reading skills and writing skills. If you were to ask any of them to write a story using dialogue they would not be able to successful complete the task in a well thought out, logical order. However, they are able to create animations, with dialogue, that tell a story and include content information about biological processes. They are very creative when using GoAnimate for Schools.

I use GoAnimate for Schools as a project option for most of the big projects in my classroom. Students use GoAnimate for Schools to illustrate what happens in cells as they are placed in different solutions. They also make animations about the process of photosynthesis and food chains. Many of my students choose the GoAnimate for Schools option when completely projects because they begin a story in the first project and tie into the storyline in the next project. They really look forward to using the program.


It’s Science: GoAnimate For Schools Works!

I am a veteran teacher. This is a polite way to say I have been teaching for quite a while- 30 some odd years. So, you may be surprised to find I embrace all the technology we have available in our profession, and yet you shouldn’t be. What any good teacher wants is a way to convey their enthusiasm and love of learning to their students, and with the use of sites like GoAnimate, our jobs get a little bit easier.

I started using GoAnimate before there was a school site for it-about 3 years ago. I initially used it as a way to have a little fun in presenting some chemistry concepts. The students seemed to enjoy the short lessons they conveyed, and I got to be a little more creative. My students especially got a kick out of when I would put our lab and classroom in the background photos. I myself used GoAnimate for quick lessons, to show in class, and then embed in our class wiki, so students could re-watch them prior to a test. I sometimes made “review” cartoons, where I would have a character tell the students what they should study for a test. Of course my favorite cartoon was my Underdog cartoon on polymers- I wonder if students even know who Underdog is now- but they’ve got to love his catchy background tune.