Norway’s “Ny Giv” Program Uses GoAnimate for Schools to Teach Linguistic and Interlangual Skills to High School Students

Early spring 2012 a new project was launched into the Norwegian school system. It was called “Ny Giv” (in English it could be translated into something like “A fresh start”) The project is meant to give pupils in the last year of secondary school a boost to help them continue their education, and prevent drop-outs in the following years. I was assigned to be the teacher in Norwegian for these 15-year olds, and issued a focus on improving their reading and writing skills.


GoAnimate Schools Kids in the Library… in Turkey!

GoAnimate! What a great tool for our English language learners!

I guide 1-8th grade students as an English teacher librarian here in Istanbul, Turkey. I think GoAnimate for Schools is a wonderful resource in the library and classroom. Not only do students get to play with the content they have learned, they’re also able to present what they’ve learned in a new and interesting way that appeals to not only their teachers but also their classmates as well. How many oral presentations and worksheet reviews can we sit through as educators and students?