Using GoAnimate To Help Fight Bullying In The Classroom

In the classroom, student engagement is essential to learning. Without this component, students are merely going through the motions. When I discovered GoAnimate, I realized immediately that it was a great product that my students and I would love. In just under 10 minutes, I was able to quickly create a professional-looking video to jumpstart one of the many professional development trainings I provide to other teachers at my site. Soon, I was also using it to teach new concepts in my classroom. Naturally, the next step was to introduce it to my students.

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Math, Language, And GoAnimate Add Up To Awesome

One of the biggest challenges I face with high school students and their understanding of math is that reading is difficult for them. When provided with vocabulary and notes, many students can’t seem to connect that information to solve word problems.

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How Teachers Can Keep Up With Changes in Education

In a generation, kindergarteners may no longer know what a physical book is.

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, how can teachers hope to keep up? There’s so much out there and so many different ways to use it. And to top it off, education itself is changing as new school models open their doors and politicians hoping to make headlines chase after every success story to show that they’re on board with “reform.”